Friday, April 29, 2016

Unwritten Word

Around the House
Well life for the most part is good right now.  I have a great partner that loves me. I look at my ring and think of him every day.  Now, he has me motivated on my next books.  I am working on a Guide Book/Role Playing Book as well as the second volume of The Chronicles of Illumination.  Unfortunately, life doesn't always work the way we want it.  I can't wait for my books to start selling well enough so that I can make that my career, but as every other struggling artist can tell you is that we also are struggling to make it.  We are pushing forward through holding a day job and pushing to forward with our work.  I just hope it all works out the way we want it.

My Thoughts
Wish I could edit my own work.  I hate that I can't proofread what I write, but like most authors we auto-correct our own work.  The good part is that I am now working on my next book and have two that need first round edits.  I can't wait to get the second editions out to the world.  I am glad for having the support of those in my life my fiance, my family, and my friends who are their helping me through the process of seeing my dreams come true.  I hope some day to help other writers that are in the same place as I am.  Just a kind word, a statement, or a comment and turn an unwritten word into a book that everyone has to have their hands on.  I hope some day I am able to help others get to that place.