Monday, September 12, 2016

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Around the House
Okay, so around the house right now is quiet.  We have welcomed a new kitten to the family which has meant for a lot of sleepless nights as we are focusing on getting her acclimated to the boys.  EZ seems to be warming up to Calli faster than Henry but overall it is good.  I can't wait for my vacation this weekend.  We are going to be hitting the Epcot Wine and Food Festival.  Lets hope I fit into my clothes after this weekend!

My Thoughts
So as most of the kids of the 80's we grew up knowing more about DC Coming than Marvel thanks to the Super Friends show.  Now that the DC Extended Universe is growing, I am one of the first in line to bash them since I love Marvel Comics so much (especially the movies).  Well I have to eat my words after seeing Suicide Squad this weekend.  The modernized portrayal of the characters was fantastic.  I especially found myself thinking of the scene where an Eminem song is playing and Harley Quinn is getting dressed in her slutty gear out in the open.  It wasn't dirty, it was kind of empowering to see the way the character behaved.

The movie did a fantastic job tying it back to Batman v. Superman (which I havent seen yet) as well as introducing characters that could be long time villains into the mix in a fun and festive way.  It makes me want to yell over at Marvel and ask them where the Thunderbolts are.  DC may actually have a fighting chance now.

Rating: 4/5