Thursday, February 2, 2017

TV Review - The Shannara Chronicles

Around the House
For those of you lucky enough to be enjoying warmth this time of year, I want to tell you that I am freezing in Chicago.  I am looking forward to the Spring getting here sooner rather than letter.  Since it is so cold outside, I have been writing non-stop and working on editing Hunted still.  I am excited for a fantastic second edition to come out by the Spring for everyone.  I am lucky enough to have my kitties and fiance to keep me warm on these cold Winter Nights.

My Thoughts

So this recommendation came up while I was looking for shows that were like the Magicians.  Which I have to say is an absolutely amazing show.  Mind you I was a bit concerned seeing that this was coming from MTV.  They are not know for quality programming, but I figured why not.  It couldn't be all bad could it.  I have to say I was wrong;  it was amazing.  The visuals were stunning, the story line was compelling, and the characters where definitely 3 dimensional.  I now have the original book series on my reading list, but I have to get caught up in the pile of books I have first.

The series premise is that about a 1000 years after the fall of mankind, Elves have returned to the world.  Magic lays around every corner hidden in secret and the world has fallen back to a time of mystery and nature.  A princess steps out of her bonds to fight against the death of the tree that protects all the people in the former US from the demon horde.  As the demons make their way back into our world, magic is reawakened and the quest to save all beings.  It really shows how a common focus can bring together all types of people whether they are Elf, Human, or Gnome.  I am greatly looking forward to seeing what season two has in store of us.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  They just missed the 5th star because the while we get thrust into the world it takes an episode to truly understand everything that is going on.