Monday, March 21, 2016

My Second Edition Covers

Around the House
Well I have had a busy beginning to the year so far.  With getting engaged at Christmas, we have started the wedding planning all while I am still in the mist of finishing and editing my new book - The Merchant of Death, and let's not forget working on the second editions of all my other books.  Let me just tell you covers have been an experience - see below.  And I had two new additions to my family - Prince Henry and Lord EZ (the black cat boyos).  I love them so much.  They still have not found their way to being friendly with Bella yet, but they are moving that way.  I still need to check the tuna in the pantry to see if is okay with all the recalls going on.  I don't want to make my little ones sick.

My Thoughts
So I have had lots of back and forth with my cover art.  I thought that this was going to be the easy part.  I have talked to two different people to design the covers, and none of them made me quite happy.  They were just missing the special something that makes you want to pick it up off the shelf and share it with all your friends.  Now I think the current designs are close, but I want every one's thoughts on them.  So here they are and tell me what you think.

Dark Deals - 2nd Edition of Witches, Demons, & Deals

Cursed 2nd Edition

Hunted 2nd Edition

Pandora's Last Breath 2nd Edition

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