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TV Show Review: Orange is the New Black Season 4

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I am nearing the end of processing the edits from my new editor on Cursed and Dark Deals.  I am looking forward to getting these complete.  I look forward to seeing what everyone things about the updates to the books as well as the new stories.  Additionally, Twisted is about half way done finally.  I have some great new characters coming out.  I can't wait to see what everyone things of them.

My Thoughts
I have watched Orange is the New Black since it first appeared on Netflix.  I was so fascinated by the story of Piper that I actually looked into the original Piper to see what the story was about.  I found the story of a woman who made youthful indiscretions ending up in prison for 15 months to be very interesting.  The first three seasons was captivating, but now that we have gotten to the fourth season it seems that the show has lost some of its sparkle.  

The story has moved away from the story of Piper and her family and is focusing more on the prison as a whole.  While that can be interesting it feels like something is missing from the joy of the show.  The show is also getting to be a bit unbelievable on the time line.  With a 15 month sentence that Piper only served 13 months, you have to wonder about the time line of the show.  Even if every episode is a week at prison to ensure the story telling that would only leave Piper with 4 more episodes in prison.  While I enjoy the the back stories and what happens next of the characters in lockup, I want to see what would happen next for Piper's story.  How she goes back to her normal life and tries to put her life back together after her stint in prison.

But that is not what the season is showing us.  It is showing us a lost group of women where we are not really getting deep inside of them.  We are just getting a glimpse at the life and crimes of each of these in woman in a way that is supposed to make us feel bad for them as opposed to showing a variety of crimes.  Additionally, learning more about the guards lives feels contrived, since we do not want to feel sorry for them as a watcher.  We want to despise them for the treatment of the inmates.  I am tired of the story of the guard staff.

On the death of loved characters, especially the loved Poussey, is hard for us to deal with since we are made to love her and her death seems unwarranted.  To kill a characters for an emotional pull is not what the show needs to keep us invested.  It needs us to want to be involved in the stories and only have death for a reason.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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