Monday, November 7, 2016

TV Review: Marvels Luke Cage

Around the House
I hate when the time changes.  I messes with my internal clock and sends the cats into crazy town.  I could use another day off to adjust, but the office calls and I must submit myself to a day of turmoil.  I am kidding I really do love my job, but I could still use more sleep after Bella screaming her head off yesterday morning.  It was nice that I was created with Calli, Henny, and Ez all snuggled up this morning.  Calli was holding Ez's tail while he flomped for love.

Not much to say on the book front.  I am still writing and editing as always.  Cursed goes live next week so get your copy ordered from your favorite vendor.  Hunted is still being edited, my editor is tearing it apart.  We are about 1/2 way through.  So I am hoping that it will all be closed up by the holidays.

My Thoughts
Well I have to say that if you didn't watch Jessica Jones before jumping into Luke Cage you might feel better about the start of the series than I did.  I was rather confused at first because I had forgotten some of small details that happened in Jessica Jones, so I was very confused on what was happening until I went back and read more.

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Now by the third episode my reservations on the show were gone.  I was drowning in the story and did not want to go to sleep.  I keep turning it going until I was half way through in a day.  Which is a lot since I did sleep in, and I went out for an hour to get groceries.

Rating: 4 out of 5 - Only for the slow opening.

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