Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boy on Boy Rights

Around the House
I burn hand on god damn demon gold today.  I make lunch for author boy, D.J. Cappella.  He tell me "my life is so interesting" that I need to get on this box with web inside to write blog.   Mind you I no know where they fit web and how it get in wall; I keep clean house I tell you.  So now I sit an write.  Course I tell him I not supposed to talk of vitch things, but he say that people think it "Fantasy," so is okay.  I tell him he stupid cause Husband got in trouble for not following the rules.  He is kinda stupid too, so when the the vitch police come cause I tell secrets; I send them to author boy house.  Anyway, since we talk in kitchen where demon gold ruin my counter I burn hand.  Is what I get for making author boy lunch.

My Thoughts
So daughter read paper that is in box with web and tell that gay get protected by government.  I say is good; this country is supposed to be land of opportunity.  So we is all same; all get same opportunity, and should be treated same.  Now daughter also tell me that not all gay can get married.  I no understand this.  Why gay no allowed to get married when they make a most pretty and expensive wedding.  Would be good for is economy since gay have no baby can spend more on wedding, it give more job, make country better.  So why not?

My neighbor give wedding for daughter and hire gay to make.  Wedding so big and pretty she needed second mortgage on house.  Most pretty wedding I ever go to, and the food was good for me no cooking.  I get his card for when I get daughter married; make husband pay out nose since I have demon gold on counter.  Of course is one confuse bout gay marriage; who get the goat?  If wife family get many goat for good wife, which gay is wife and which gay is husband?  I no know and daughter is no good at explaining.  Well, I must go.  I have roast lamb in oven.

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