Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Horrors

Around the House
Stupid Husband turn house into mess.  I no work eight hour a day clean house to have Husband put web all over living room.  You know how hard to get web off nine foot ceiling?  No, I no think so.  I tell him is no right; you know what he say, he say is festive.  Festive I tell you!  It no help that this Halloween, which no happen in home village, is some vitch holiday.  I no understand all vitch custom.  Why do we have to have altar in foyer?  He put big table, large knives, and bottle of blood.  What we need blood for?  He say for ritual at midnight tomorrow.  I tell he crazy and stupid.  I tell him, you lost magic - no need in house.  But no, he just say he get magic, so need to practice. Stupid Vitch Husband.

My Thoughts
I get letter from city today, bout Tick-o-Teeters.  Daughter tell me they come by for treats until dusk.  Why they need six hour to beg for treat?  I keep clean house so no better be bring ticks to my house.  Anyway, I always wonder why we teach children to beg for treat?  Is that no like teaching be homeless?  When Daughter and Retard Son was little, we party for neighborhood kids.  I say safe to have kids in house and no beg for treat.  They dress up, I make snacks, lots yummy nibbles, and they party.  No worry bout poison in treats, courses many day I think bout giving husband poison treat, no bad child touching, is all safe and fun.  So, I say, keep babies in house with party or local place and no teach to beg like vagrant.  Get neighborhood involved - be community friendly.

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  1. it no make no sense to me either,i don know,is strange for me