Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Review: Twilight's Dawn

Around the House
Not to much to say right now that is happening around the house.  I haven't been writing like I should be which is why my blog posts have been quiet.  I have been harassing Editor Tim though on a regular basis regarding my notes.  I have been thinking about my current projects and the direction they are going in.  I do have some inspiration for updates and new projects as always, so my new project file is always growing.

My Thoughts
I just finished reading Anne Bishop's continuation of the Black Jewels Trilogy/Series, Twilight's Dawn.  I enjoy the twisted and reverse roles the male/female relationship takes through out the series, so I was extremely excited to start reading this new book.  I have actually, been waiting for it.  This is the second installment of short stories which support missing pieces in the Black Jewels Series with the first two taking place between Tangled Webs and The Shadow Queen, and the last two taking place after the events in Shalador's Lady.  As the book progresses, I have to say that I am worried we have seen the last installment of the Black Jewel's series, or at least the last book that deals with all the characters we have fallen in love with.

I have to say that this edition to the series reminds me a lot of Tangled Webs.  It seems just like events in the characters life that do not add to much to the series as a whole.  Too much is left unsaid, and the actual events wrap up too easily for my liking.  There is not enough danger for the characters I love.  On a whole the tales where enjoyable and would have been better read in context with the rest of the stories in the series.  I think taking the individual tales in the order of the books would have added another layer to the events of the books as opposed to reading this novel as a sit down book.  The part that disappoints me the most is that she seems to have used the tales to wrap up the lives of her most beloved characters.  That was hard to swallow since that could mean this is the final installment to the series.  I do hope to see more of what is happening with Lady Cassidy in future books.

Rating 4/5

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