Saturday, April 2, 2011

Editting Nightmare

Around the House
My niece is currently in the hospital, so that has gotten a lot of my attention today.  She is fine, but has a very bad bladder infection so they want to make sure she is okay before releasing her.  The poor kid.  I wish she was home for lots of hugs.  Anyway, I worked today which you all know by now I hate my job.  Well I really don't hate it, it is just really boring.  And as always I have been curled up editing my next book which I have let sit on my desk top for the last year.  I know I have been bad, or so Editor Tim says. 

My Thoughts
Every author has their own writing process.  For me I get inspired at random times of the days and will add sections to the work I am currently doing, but when I finish a project/draft I need to table it to work on something else for a little bit.  That is how I managed to craft a book of short stories.  Then when I get back to the project I have a fresh perspective on my writing and can really go all hack and slash with the process.

When initially writing something new I do it in two ways.  I start at the beginning and just write till I run out of story.  Then as scenes pop into my head I begin adding them to the end of the document I am working in which slowly grows and allows me to flesh out the tale.  Then when I get back to reading through what has been written I can fill in the gaps.  Then by the time I start editing my work I get inspired by all the little scenes I wrote along the way that it allows the characters to take a life of their own.  They start to run away with the story.

So where am I now?  I am currently editing the first book in a series that follows my recently published book, Witches, Demons, & Deals.  I am also editing and rewriting the first two books of the Preludes - a Deluxe version of Witches, Demons, & Deals I am tentatively calling Cursed and book 2.  I have also started to work on book three of the series, but can't get much father until I firm up and remind myself of the events in book two.  I think I have given away too much already, but I do plan to have two new books coming out this summer/fall so keep watching for updates.

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