Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've Been Quiet

Around the House
I know I have been quiet, I know there are no excuses for leaving you all wondering about what has been going on, but I didn't know what to say.  I am sitting here wondering what I should and could say.  I have been under a confidentiality notice about a job I wanted.  It wasn't a writing job, and it wasn't a job I am going to get.  I makes me sad to think about it.  While yes I have been pursuing other avenues of employment because my current work situation hasn't been the greatest; I was really hoping to get this job. I should have sat back and though about what is my fate in life.  I am an author.  No I am not a big enough author to just live off my work, but I have known for years that I am an author. 

While writing I have been working in the Family Entertainment field.  For those of you that don't know what that is, it is recreation and entertainment venues that cater to families like movie theaters, recreation centers, water parks, arcades, and bowling alleys.  My last job which I loved closed down operations, so I have been struggling with what do to with myself while I work towards making a career as an author.  You know what I have realized?  I think fate is kicking me in the ass for living in the land of perpetual hope.  Yes, that is a condition I possess so strongly that I allow it to over take my life.

I should have sat back and realized that I should not have been dumping myself into new jobs, when I have two completed books ready to go out that just need some more fine tuning as well as a new collection of short stories.  All of these I planned to get done this year, and now I have let two months of good working time escape me for nothing.  While I could still get the job, I think fate is showing me that this is not where my energy should be placed.  I should be working towards doing what I love and that is telling the stories that thrive in me.

So, now that I have had my hope crushed that is what I am going to do.  I am setting a new goal tonight.  I am going to finish the edits on the first volume in the Chronicles of Illumination, the follow up to my collection of short stories, as well as the other two books I have and get them out to all of my readers.  I am going to do what I know I am meant to do.  I am going to write.  So here is the plan starting on Tuesday - I need a night to relax.

1. Finish the current edit of the Chronicles of Illumination vol. 1 by the end of May.
2. Finish the edit on the Pandora book by the end of June.
3. Assemble the collection of short stories Cursed and the Chronicles of Illumination and get them both out by mid June.
4. Get the Pandora book completed and out there by Fall.
5.. Finish the first draft of the Chronicles 1.5 on Death and get started on book two by fall.

Those are the goals.  I need you all to help me keep going.  So start commenting and hit me on the head if I seem to be slowing down.

Love you all for your support!

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