Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: The Last Apprentice Rage of the Fallen

Around the House
Still playing catch up with my book reviews.  This is the last one that I haven't gotten too.  Also, I am itching to get my hands on the new Sookie Stackhouse book that just came out.  I preordered it, so I am waiting for it along with the next Charliane Harris Anthology.  Till then I will continue to edit and work my way through the books I am dying to read.  I am still job hunting since I am not happy at work.  I have decided to really open myself up to new paths.  You never know where the world will take you.  I am also very excited by the CDs I forgot I owned.  I am looking forward to filling my nook with my favorite songs for car rides and trips to the gym.  Yea it is time to start working out and getting all hot for the summer.  I have really let myself go a bit.

My Thoughts
Joseph Delaney had done it again with the latest installment of the Last Apprentice Series: Rage of the Fallen.  He has managed to add another depth to his world of magic and mystery by graying up the edges the Spooks have held for generations.  It is especially nice to see this graying since Tom is as gray a character as you can get.  You can't help love the young apprentice Tom Ward as he makes his run to fight evil.  Joseph Delaney does a great job of finally closing up some plot holes while leaving more unanswered questions for the readers.  I wonder how far he will take Tom and if he will really live up to the Prophecy made by his mother.  I only hope that in the end Alice does not follow her mother in the dark.

Rating 7 out of 10

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