Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Gate

Forgot to post this last month sorry!

Around the House
I need a few drinks.  This last couple weeks have been really rough.  I haven't been sleeping anywhere near enough, but I have been reading a lot as a method of distracting myself.  So I will keep job hunting and ignoring my writing because I am not in the mental space to look at my works.  Hopefully next month.

My Thoughts
I recieved this book as a free copy, and I was very apprenesive to read it.  I wasn't sure the Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card was the type of fantasy story I was looking for.  I was afraid I was going to be sucked into a world of traditional fantasy with elves, dwarfs, and other mythical characters.  I was completely wrong.  The story was an amazing peice of fantasy work that would be a prefect compliment to anyone that is in love with the current works of Rick Riordan.

The Lost Gate is the first of a series of books that looks at mythology in a new and fun way.  Instead of symply placing the old gods into modern society he has explained there exsistance in a fun and exciting way.  The Mithermages is a great tie in to the upcoming Thor movie as well because it primarily focuses on the Old Norse Gods.  It is a great look at how people with magical abilities are currently living in society while struggling to regain their status as gods.  That the names of the gods we know from Mythology are just names given to individuals with a particular aptitude to a certain set of powers.  While the break down of the individual powers can be confusing at first following Danny on his adventure to find himself with the forbidden powers he possesses is a fun and fast paced tale that makes the reader crave more.  I recommend everyone run out and enjoy this book today.

Rating 9 out of 10

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