Monday, May 16, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

Around the House
Wow, I can't believe how long editing this book is taking.  It is one of the slowest edits I have ever done.  I am excited to announce that Gilbert Press will have a new website coming soon, and they will be starting major acquisitions.  It is nice to see my publisher getting ready to make itself a presence in the market.  Otherwise, I am here dealing with finding a job since I didn't the one I wanted, and working to restore my social life.  All things are really starting to look up in my world and that makes me very happy.

My Thoughts
As a fan of Marvel Comics especially the X-Men, I have been very happy with the way they are handling the realism of their live action movies.  They have been able to take their franchises and cross them over without making them feel cartoony.  I was extremely worried about Thor though.  How where they going to handle the whole god element in a way that made sense with the other movies, not take away from the realism they are using, and holds true to the story of Thor.  I was extremely surprised that they not only pulled it off, but did an amazing job.  I am now even more excited to see how they bring us to the Avengers.  Marvel has done such an amazing job that I hope the new X-Men and Spiderman movies hold up to the Avengers franchise.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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