Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

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My Thoughts
Oh where to start on this interesting little remake.  Number one I have a strong detest for remakes that do not do something new, different, or engaging for the audience.  I dislike when a remake is done so quickly that the watcher and freshly reference the previous movie (since it is on Stars or HBO or some movie channel).  I also consider a change in lead characters a remake with certain exceptions like the death of the original Dumbledor who will always be missed as the best actor to grace that role.  So back to the Topic at hand.  I was disappointed that Chris Evans was Johnny Storm and Captain America, but I do not think there is another actor that could have been that amazing of a Captain America.  Now we have 2 Spidermen.  My complaint about the original run of the series is that they kept killing off the villains.  Spiderman's villains don't die they always come back for more which makes it fun not knowing who could be the villain coming up to ruin his day.  It is always nice that they made the villains lovable in their own way by truly fleshing out the stories of who they were to the world.

Now The Amazing Spiderman blew me away.  I loved everything related to the Avengers and the new Spiderman fits in perfectly with them.  Even Emma Stone as a Blonde Gwen Stacey was perfect.  The story was engaging, heartfelt, and strongly written.  It definitely set the movies up to have an Avenger's feel by having one movie with the ability to build on another.  I can't wait to see the follow up.  It made me forget all the differences between the comics and the original movie run.  It was the perfect story to open the return of a long running series.  I recommend everyone run out and see this movie, throw out your "OLD" Spiderman movies, and buy the new one to add to your Marvel Collection.  I hate to say it, but Disney owning Marvel has done it right.

Rating: 5/5

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