Saturday, June 30, 2012

Movie Review: Madea's Witness Protection

Around the House
Well I am in the process of working on the next installment of the Preludes of Illumination Series, Finishing Part 3 of Brimstone, and starting vol.3 of the Preludes Series.  Wow that makes me sound really busy doesn't it.  I always wondered how authors like Meg Cabot, Rick Riordan, and Kelley Armstrong could turn out books so damn fast.  I see how they have no lives.  Otherwise, not to much is going on around the house.  I am getting ready for my vacation which starts on the fourth of July.  I am looking forward to spending some time with family.  The next installment of Brimstone will be hitting shelves at that point to help with the fun summer reading schedule.  My work outs are still going well.  I am not hitting the gym 6 days a week like I want to, but I am making progress with keeping up on them.  I am averaging 4 days a week right now.

My Thoughts
Tyler Perry's Madea movies are not known for great plots, but they are known for fun romps.  We return to Madea's house, her nephew Brian, and her crazy brother Joe who are about to take on a rich family that have gotten themselves in trouble with the Law and the Mob.  While the character of Madea is never the point character of any of her movies she is always the comedy that keeps you falling out of your seat.  Tyler Perry did not disappoint with the non-stop laughs, push at family values type morals, and a fun fast paced movie.

Now looking at the actual plot of the movie, their of course were some holes.  Okay, a few mile wide ones, but that isn't why we watch the movies.  There are also plot points that are mentioned that never come into existence.  What happened to the Ex Wife? Is that really Joe's kid? Did the family find happiness in their new life?  All things I would have loves to see.  As expected though Madea was a fun, heart warming movie that doesn't require you to follow the whole lineage, but is great if you do!

Rating: 4/5

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