Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Body for Life Week 12 - The Finals

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Well, Katrina Rue has pushed me into writing a new piece for fun, as you all can see from my post yesterday.  It is coming out in a serial format like they used to run in newspapers and magazines.  At this point I don't know how long or large For the Love of Brimstone will be but I am rather enjoying writing it.  It is a dark twisted Paranormal Romance.  I hope you enjoy it.  Just so you know today it is Free on Amazon so check it out.

My Thoughts
My First 12 weeks on the Body for Life Challenge are over!  Yeah.  I had a party to celebrate the end of the challenge with a group of friends.  We had a great time, but now it means I have to start my second challenge because I am not entirely happy with all of my results.  Well here goes on the final numbers and pictures.  It took a little too long during this challenge to get my eating to where it needs to be so I am expecting better results in the stomach area this time around.  Hell it was only the first time I ever completed it, so I am excited to go again.

Week 12 Ending- The Numbers: Its over
Start Week 9 Change
Weight 235.6 225.0 -10.6
BMI 32.7% 30% -2.7%
Hips 44 in 42 in -2.0 in
Waist 42.5 in 40.5 in -2 in
Midsection 47 in 41. in -6 in
Chest 46 in 43.5 in -2.5 in
Arm (R) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
Arm (L) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
Neck 17in 15.5 in -1.5 in
Pants 36 33 - 2

Total change in inches: 15inches and not at my goals.  I was fat!

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