Sunday, June 17, 2012

Swift Changes and New Projects

Around the House
So I have recently been obsessed with house hunting.  I am in the first stages of looking to buy a place, and it is a royal pain.  Yet, I spend most of my time at home looking at the same properties or type of properties over and over again.  Also, my work outs have gone to hell this week.  I have just hand so much going on that getting to the gym has not been a priority, and I am feeling the aftermath of it.  I need to go out and get more active.  Additionally, some of you I know are already on this band wagon but I have started to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I am not very far into it, but I can see the spark that is drawing women across the world into the tale.  My sister (I have two) has been talking about this book nonstop on her Facebook page so I had to see what it was all about.  I was just going to download the sample, well I bought the whole damn thing yesterday.  I am dying to see how it all turns out.   Also, I am in the middle of reading Dance with Dragons.  I am looking forward to finishing that book which completely reminds me I have a book review to write this week AWK!

My Thoughts
So I have started a new project, For the Love of Brimstone.  Katrina has been pestering me for years to take my love for gossip and turn it into a full story.  Well I have never known how to do it.  So finally I have begun writing this new book as an installment series.  I will be publishing installments for everyone to read as I get through sections of work on it.  It is about two people in their late 20's early 30's and the dark seedy sexual encounters they get themselves into and the aftermath of playing in the world after dark.  Of course this is me so I had to include dark parts with demons and other magical creatures.  I am not sure how long this full novel will take to be done, but as soon as it is I am sure you will love the show.  I am just surprised how much fun I am having taking stories I have heard from people in my life and twisting them into a dark tale of lust, love, and hardcore fun.

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