Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little something I am working on!

Around the House
Well I am thinking about the next two installments of the Preludes of Illumination Series and it crossed my mind that I may actually have the formula for Chronicles 2.  While I have always known the basic plot, I have never been very sure on how to get there.  I think I know and I would love to here you comments.

My Thoughts
The steady tick of the clock filled Damian's mind.  The world was quiet despite how full his home had become over the last couple months.  Now the damn tick tock of the grandfather clock was slowly driving him insane.  He was the only one home.  He rolled over away from his bedroom door and the voice returned to him.
"Tick, Tock, you loved that clock."
Damian filled over in his bed towards the sound of the voice.  His open door glowed with psychic energy.  He could see into the depths of the astral plane.  Again the was yanked into the dreamscape of the astral plane by that voice.  Again he would hunt that voice depriving himself of the sleep him mind needed to grow with his growing powers.
"Tick, Tock that clock was your rock."
He stepped through the door way and long psychic claws formed on his left hand and his burning psychic sword erupted on his right.
"Show yourself demon!" Damian yelled.
"Tick, Tock a scream and a knock.  The mind is the power not the voice in the dark."
Damian's mood darkened and the landscape around him burned from pink to purple.  A dark figure began to form in front of him swirling with energy.  He could feel his power slowly draining as the figure took form, so he lunged with his sword.  The laugh echoed around and in him before the creatures power shoved him across the realm and back into his bed.  Damian shot up from his sleep coated in sweat.

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