Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Passing Time till Pandora

Around the House
I am passing time around the house while I wait for Pandora to hit the shelves.  I have been working and writing and editing.  Nothing overly exciting.  I did have a brief romance that hurt me a bit.  I met him at a bar and he fell for me.  Yet, no matter how much he could have been a good match he just wasn't right for me.  I just did not feel the burning passion for him that I want to feel for someone.  I just want the gut twisting urge to be with someone and curled up in their arms night after night.  This is not the only disappointment I have felt in the last month, but at least I understand that one step at a time to get what we want out of life.  I have barely heard from him.  I miss him, but I never fell in love with him.  Which is worse?  Caring about someone and not giving them what they want/need, or not loving someone and waiting for it to happen.

My Thoughts
Well I am watching Katrina get ready for her trip to Dragon Con along with the publication of the complete edition of SKYN.  It is an interesting read, so I am interested in see how she does in the world.  So like I said, I am passing the time until the debut of Pandora in a few weeks time.  Instead I have watched Total Recall ( no need for a review it was a good adaption of an original movie.  I would love to see if they make a sequel since it has lots of potential).  I have started round two of my Body for Life Challenge.  I am not on week two.  My work outs are still not what they should be but they are getting better each week. 

In passing the time I have picked up a couple TV shows recently: Polyamory which was tragical fantastic, Gigolos which is trashy, and L.A. Complex which is just the right mix of drama, comedy, and seedy good times.  I am actually loving it.  I have reach a couple good books.  I will be reviewing them in the next couple days.  The Demigod Diaries and Lure of the Dead.   I can't wait for their sequels.  At least Rick Riordan's book is due out in October.

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