Friday, June 7, 2013

Book & Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures or The Caster Chronicles

Around the House
Life around the house is a bit rough right now.  I am job hunting and trying to get a new job quickly.  It is a pain in the butt process let me tell you.  We will see what happens.  At least I have my writing.  That at least keeps me going.  It is nice to see that people are getting excited for my new works.  I am excited to see how well sales turn out.

My Thoughts
I was a bit distressed by how the writers handled all the layers of the first movie in The Caster Chronicles - Beautiful Creatures.  The fact that they combined characters and took away some of the discovery and mystery for that masterful series hurt to watch at times.  While someone who had never read the book may enjoy the movie; it lost a lost of the magic and wonder that made that love story so compelling.

I missed how they didn't take enough time developing how the death of Ethan's mother not only affected him but the family.  I was sad to see that Amma a bright and stunning character was reduced to a helping hand when she was truly the mother in the family working to protect Ethan.

My recommendation is to skip the movie and enjoy the book.

Book: 4/5
Movie: 2/5

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