Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Release: Pandora's Last Breath

Around the House
This has been a rough week with getting everything ready for the Pandora release.  I have been working on projects while job hunting.  I have been fighting with a major case of writers block the last couple months that I finally think that I am over.  Well at least I have a new book out and lots of great promotions on my past book coming from Amazon.  So sit back and enjoy the read!

My Thoughts

International  Bestselling Author D.J. Cappella returns with Pandora's Last Breath the follow up to Cursed the first volume in the Preludes of Illumination series.
Kim loves him.
Trevor has a secret.
They have a Destiny that will take them from the streets of Chicago into the bowels of a Hell Realm.
Together they have a love that time will turn back for, but will that love keep them safe as Cat Boys, Demons, and Guardians try to use them for their own schemes? They are just another pawn of the Seers in her quest to bring for the Illumination of the Witches. Only together will they be able to stop her plans, save Pandora's Box, and survive the trials ahead. Will their love be enough, or will one of them be left out in the cold?
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