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Recently I feel in love with the Mortal Instruments Series, started reading Interview with a Vampire, and have been thinking about the future.  I have to finish the final draft of Pandora and the last chapter of For the Love of Brimstone.  My life has been a bit chaotic, so I have not been writing like I should be.  That is all is going to change since I just had my 32 second birthday and I am not where I want to be in life.  Here is a little something I have been thinking about what are your thought?

I sat in the Sorcerers Garden.  Well I suppose it isn't that kind of garden any more, but since a sorcerer planted it that is still what we call it.  It is still illegal though to pick any plants from this garden.  I don't care though.  Just laying in a field surrounded by rosemary, basil, thyme, and belladonna.  The smells are intoxicating.  My grandfather says before the Changing that most of these plants where common in every home.  They called them herbs and you would use them for seasoning meat and food.  We are lucky to get salt these days much less a precious herb that could be part of a potion or ritual.  Still I love this place. 

We live in the midlands and are what the magi call Technomancers.  That means we need technology to survive.  My grandfather says that about a 100 years ago everyone was a Technomancer.  That has to be total bull shit since their is not way that in a 100 years all the technology that made us great and power would be wiped out by magic, but he swears to it.  He also swears that Christianity was the main religion, not they Goddess worship the Magi practice called Gaeanism.  He claims that you didn't need magic to blow up a city or light and heat your home.  That all of that ran under ground or through the air until the Changing destroyed it all.  Now the Magi rule us.  I live near one of the great lakes.  We used to live closer until the great flood took out our village.  Now we live farther out and have to get our watched from the Des Laines river.  It floods alot too.

But I suppose it is back to me being in the Sorcerers Garden.  I am about to turn 13.  See at until we turn 13 we are allowed to mix with the Magi Childern because their is a chance that any one of us could develope magic.  I don't know anyone that this has happened. too, but you never know.

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