Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men First Class

Around the House
Working on editing and reviewing submissions for the fall Anthology, so I am busier than I expected to be this summer.  Things are taking me way longer than I planned for and my editor has been on my butt about it.   I am very excited to see that Gilbert Press has their website up and running.  I really hope that authors are submitting great works so that my editor has something else to worry about.  Make sure you check out my page on there as well as the links posted.  Also, I am starting a new job in July which has me very excited.  I can't wait.  Otherwise, I am trying to get out to enjoy the weather some, though the rain in Chicago has made that a bit hard.

My Thoughts
Growing up as a die hard X-Men fan, I was very worried about this movie.  The trailers made it seem like they were going to be making a real mess of this movie.  I should have known better.  Marvel did an awesome job on it.  The back story was fleshed out in a way that allowed anyone watching the movie fall right in for the first time while keeping those who have enjoyed the rest of the stories enthralled.  I am wondering how they are going to handle the Havok item though.  Since having him a teen and Jean Grey a youth when Xavier is older makes me wonder how old they plan on portraying Scott.  Is he now going to be a younger brother?  Or is Xavier just going to age extremely quickly after his accident.  I am very curious to see how it all comes together.  I did especially enjoy the tie in to the first X-Men movie with the expanded story of Magneto.  It makes you wonder when and if they are going to have his kids popping up in the franchise, especially with the kick off of the Avengers movie.  I am rather excited to see.  The Internet is also spawning rumors of X4 and 5 along with turning the first class into a trilogy.  If they keep the stories going, I am down for the ride.  Also, I hear talks of New Mutants.  BRING IT ON!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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