Sunday, October 28, 2012

Return to Body for Life

Around the House
Wow last night was fun.  Going to Boystown for Halloween was a great surprise.  I hung with Lady B., Kev, Dave, and Lauren.  We hung out at a little bar which actually isn't that small called D.S. Tequila.  It is a great little place that I am so going to head back too.  It has been a long time since I have been on that part of Boystown in the bars and I find that I actually missed the fun.  It is changing again, so I think I will be hitting that up once in a while to see what is going on.  Of course I spent most of my night thinking of my date.  I was so gushy I even showed his picture around to my friends and they agree that is absolutely adorable.  It is sad that I am sitting here waiting for him to text me.  I look forward to each time he texts me.  I so can't wait.  I have never had a boyfriend from
 Halloween to Valentines Day.  Maybe this year is the year.

My Thoughts
Well it is time for another Body for Life Challenge.  I want to get certain things accomplished, mostly I want to fit back into my cute new clothes.  I just need to finish sending this stomach of mine down river.  Wish me luck and shoot me all of your support.

Week 1 starting- The Numbers: A New Beginning

Start Week 1 Change
Weight 220.8
BMI 29.7%
Hips 43.5 in
Waist 41 in
Midsection 43 in
Chest 43.5 in
Arm (R) 13 in
Arm (L) 13 in
Neck 16 in
Pants 33

Total change in inches: Well positive change is always a good thing!

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