Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall TV Review

Around the House
Oh what to say around the house.  I have been extremely lazy with the writing and working out recently.  These are items that I plan to correct ASAP.  I am reaching the end of my vacation which has been a nice change of pace since it gave me some much needed down time to see my friends and rest/recover.  Tonight I am actually suppose to head out for Halloween.  Not sure what I am going to be doing besides making it to Boystown, but I am looking forward to it since I will be with friends.

I just finished with the Letter of Intent for College.  I plan on going back to school.  It never hurts to increase your education.  I always want to be doing better than I was.  I miss being back in school and being exposed to new ideas and thoughts.  I am looking forward to experiencing this process again.  Plus it is always nice to meet knew people.

People, oh people.  What can I say about the weirdness in my love life.  I have been on a couple of dating sites over the years and recently it has gone nuts with the amount of people talking to me.  Of course it is just usually a quick conversation and then they move on which is highly annoying, but it is the standard in the gay community.  I actually met a guy a few weeks ago.  It turns out Jay and I have a lot of mutual friends.  We met at a local bar, passionate kissing ensued.  We had a first date where I then went with him to bowling where I meet more of his friends that I know.  Unfortunately I have barely heard from him since.  I only push the contact level so much with out getting it in return. 

Now I have been talking to this new guy.  He has the same name as my sister's, two of my aunts, and my cousins name.  It is slightly freaking me out.  We have been talking online then in text.  I am suppose to meet him on Monday.  I can't wait.

My Thoughts
I had some annoyance with the fall line up this year.  First was that Biggest Loser is now a Winter/Spring show which sucks.  At least the fact the Jillian Michaels will be back makes me smile.  I look forward to hearing her yell at the contestants again.  I still remember her yelling "You know what I see when I look at you, Dead Daddy."  God I have missed her.  Then I had to deal with loosing to of my new favorite shows, Ringer and Secret Circle

ABC Shows
Castle: So far this season has not been a show stopper.  We are starting in the next chapter of Castle and Becket's life, now together.  I am curious where the show is going to go, but it seems to be missing something since the sexual tension is now gone.  I really hope putting them together hasn't caused a jumping of the shark. Rating: 3/5

Private Practice:  I am very excited by the change in the series.  For a while I was worried that it was on its way out.  The characters had grown static and the stories seemed repetitive.  Now with the the last season and this one having a cast change and more dramatic story lines I am looking forward to seeing how a proper ensemble cast works.  Rating: 4/5

Greys Anatomy:  I am heart broken with the death of some of my favorite characters, but the cast changes are a great turn of events.  The show is feeling fresh and vibrant yet familiar with old friends and new faces.  Rating: 4/5

Scandal:  This is the most surprising show from the creator of Grey's Anatomy.  I generally do not like legal or political shows, but the way the show operates is engaging and fun.  The level of drama and mystery in each episode not only tells an individual tale but each builds to a greater story.  This type of the writing I find makes the best shows.  Rating: 5/5

Revenge:  The drama and mystery of this show continues to surprise me.  The in depth level of writing shows a deep and dark twisted path towards placing the pieces of the puzzle together.  I find it rather curious how this larger story line makes for a fun romp that you can't get enough of each week.  The way Emily's past continues to grow and haunt her is great when mixed with how the other characters lives continue to screw with her plans towards revenge.  Rating 4/5

Once Upon a Time: This show was a surprise to me.  1. A Disney Show, 2. Jumping on the Fairy Tale Bandwagon, and 3. The Time Slot.  I didn't expect them to be able to weave all of our favorite fairy tales into one tales of how characters grow and change.  These writers have taken a fun look at fairy tale world.  You never know what twist and turn to expect, and yet the characters are so dynamic you fall helplessly in love with them.  It is a must watch show! Ratings: 4/5

666 Park Avenue:  I like to give new shows a few days before I latch on to them.  I have found this interesting, but I am not sure if I am in love with it yet.  I enjoy the cast of the show, and the story seems interesting.  I have even gone so far as to buy the books associated with the show.  I was also pleasantly surprised how they put the supernatural element into the show with out making it seem campy or overdone.  Rating: 3/5 to be determined.

CW Shows
Vampire Diaries:  This show continues to keep me happy.  While it does not follow the books it does hold the elements of the books so that readers can appreciate it as well as those who have no experience with the story.  This show is fun and exciting.  I look forward to see where it is going and how it will continue.  Rating: 4/5

Arrow: This show is a break away hit in my mind.  It takes the comic world and brings it into real life.  While I know little of the comic series, I have found I can not stop watching.  I was also very happy to see that it fits with how the Batman movies were handled.  I think DC has finally found the correct way to handle their comics.  Rating: 5/5

Supernatural:  The boys are back for another season.  Why is that Sam gets locked in the cage and Dean gets to have his own like, but Dean goes to purgatory and Sam gets judged for doing the same.  I really hope this show speeds up and gets its edge back or comes to its end. Rating: 2/5

Beauty and the Beast: To be Determined.  I am recording but not watching yet.

New Finds
Cooking Network: Bitchin Kitchen:  Nadia G. is insane.  I love her.  She is engaging, fun, and surprisingly educational.  She has a fun take on how to use food in a health way.  I have actually made a few of her recipes and I have yet to be disappointed.  I am in love with Nadia. Rating: 4/5

Showtime: Gigolos: Well this is a surprising series I stumbled onto.  While it is a highly sexualized show it is refreshing to see the males as the sexual objects and not the women for a change.  While it is not a break away hit or anything it is fun romp to keep a quiet night interesting.  Rating: 3/5

Coming Soon reviews on Beauty and the Beast and American Horror Story Asylum.

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