Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Review: Dead in the Family

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I am an avid reader, so most nights I find myself curled up with a book before bed.  While I am absolutely in love with the digital age and Ereaders now that I have a Nook, there is just something about a hard cover book that I can't let go of for a favorite read.  They are always my go to books when I want something to curl up with.  I find reading to be a great escape, a writing inspiration, and a constant in an every changing world.

My Thoughts
No this isn't my first time reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series or even Dead in the Family.  This is one of those series that I run to every time that I feel the need to curl up with something familiar.  On a whole I give the series a nine out of ten.  It is fun, pleasurable, and interesting every time you read it.  Charliane Harris is a master craftsman for her world including the short stories that support the books which can be found in a variety of Anthologies and a companion book.  Having said that, I am sad to know that she is in the process of winding down the series.

When reading Dead in the Family the first time and then again now I can tell that many of the choices Charliane Harris made in this novel where to begin the wrap up of the series.  This novel seems a bit disjointed when compared to the rest of the series, almost like an extended short story.  While seeing all of our favorite characters is great, it feels like it could have been added to the last book and broken into a short story.  Even reading her new short story "Two Blondes," we get the feeling that this book is missing some of the magic the series has held.  While I understand story lines have to eventually be wrapped up; I wish Dead in the Family had the meandering yet cohesive plot lines that you feel in her other novels.  Placing all of that aside it is still an excellent novel and a great addition to the the series.  I just wish it had been three short stories.

The parts I love of this novel are they she continues to deal with the past and how it affects Sookie's future.  Nothing is just swept under the rug and forgot; it still affects this young telepath every day.  With the abrupt feeling ending of this tale I am curious where the next tale is going to take us.  I am actually itching to get my hands on it.  What I wouldn't give to get a review copy especially after reading the chapter excerpt on her website,   I know we are going to continue to see the fun, and have a blast as the series comes to an end.  I just hope she keeps the magic going and leaves us an opening for more short stories and novels for the future.  I always like having hope.

Rating: 6 out of 10 as a novel but 9 out of 10 if they were short stories

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