Friday, February 11, 2011

The End is Near

Around the HouseWell I have to blame Katrina Rue, my best friend and fellow author for putting me into cat frenzy again.  We had one of our car conversations last week and now all I can think about is getting a kitten of my own.  I lost Buffy, the White Avenger, back in May, so it has been lonely not having a baby to cuddle with.  I miss having a cat running around the house doing interesting things.  I especially miss having company at bed time.  Buffy only really liked to play when I was ready to pass out.  I miss it.  It is amazing that things you get used to.

Now I am looking at Toygers and Bengals.  I have always wanted a Bengal, but I know they are so active they would have to have a playmate.  Last thing I need is a bored cat ripping the house apart especially while I sleep.  Additionally, my niece is starting to get to the age where she needs to be exposed to animals.  I want her to understand what is appropriate and what isn't.  Since she is an only child she doesn't get much kid exposure outside of day care, so I think a pet would help.

My Thoughts
I really hate when things come to an end.  While I knew it was coming it is hard to see it in print.  We are reaching the end of the Sookie Stackhouse Series, the book series that inspired the hit TV show True Blood.  L.A. Times reported today that Charliane is getting ready to wrap up the series with two more books.  That will leave a big hole in my reading world.  I have fallen in love with the average southern girl who ends up tangled in all sorts of supernatural messes because her cousin couldn't keep her mouth shut.  I hope it all ends well with a bit of Sookie Happiness, but I don't know if that is possible.  Also, I really hope she manages to find a life away from the vamps.  Additionally, I hope that Charliane keeps doing the occasional Sookie short story so she can keep living on in all of our hearts.

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