Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I'm not Bad. I'm just Drawn that Way!"

Around the House
Sunday night has arrived, and I am sad to have to return to work tomorrow. I enjoy the time to myself and my writing.  I didn't get much of it done this weekend, but what I did accomplish makes me happy.  Death's Merchant is coming along great.  I am really getting into the story.  It is really starting to inspire me for the other works that I have coming down the pipe line.  So, after I finish the draft of Death's Merchant I will be editing Pandora's Last Breath and Chronicles of Illumination vol. 1: Hunted.  Both of these books are scheduled to be out in 2011; I just don't have concrete dates yet for them.  I do have to say that I am happy about the emails and responses I am getting regarding my book, Witches, Demons, & Deals.  For those of you that don't know Witches, Demons, & Deals is a prelude to the Chronicles of Illumination, so get on board now.  I looking forward to start seeing reviews being posted on Amazon and BN.

My Thoughts
I watched an interesting movie today and it got me to thinking.  The movie itself isn't important, and I don't remember the title.  It was about an actor that slowly destroyed a promising career in the 70's.  It made me think about how authors fall under the category of celebrity, but are mostly hidden from the publics view.  We don't see them on TMZ or in US Weekly.  We don't hear about all their dirty little secrets.  I have to wonder what skeletons are hidden in these closets.  I find it funny how you can hear about Lindsey Lohan or the Real Housewives which are currently making a fraction of the money James Patterson does, but we never hear about his life.  Are authors all quiet home bodies that don't get into trouble?  I doubt it.  Maybe it is just that our works are more interesting than we are.  I can totally believe that, but for once I would like to see an authors dirty laundry dragged out.  I wonder what that would do to their sales.  I bet they would double over night.

Mind you, I like my privacy.  I think I would cry if I was followed around during my days out on the town.  I like the fact that I can be anonymous and well known at the same time.  I really do hope that the most I ever have to worry about is what I produce being criticised and not what I did on the weekend.  Makes you think that in today's world it really pays to fly under the radar.  Would I get in to trouble as an author or celebrity?  Oh yea.  I don't believe in hiding my thoughts or who I am, so that worries me as social media really takes ahold in this country.  I don't do bad things; I am bad things.

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