Monday, March 12, 2012

New Challenges - Body for Life

Around the House

Almost done with the final edits for the new book.  I have my current read through to finish then and a reformat before reading the store one last time to make any last minute changes before the final release.  We are looking at an April release, so I am so excited.  Then I need to move on to the next edit of the the Preludes Book 2.

My Thoughts

So it is time for some overly personal information.  My pants that used to fit well are now getting tight.  That does not make me happy.  I have decided to join the Body for Life program.  The Body for Life program bases its self on making changes physically, mentally, and nutritionally.  Physically is because of the intense short work out programs that are designed to jump start the body into moving back into the state that is natural for it.  Our society is too sedentary.  Mentally, because it is about sharing your life with the world and finding a way to help others (welcome to the blog posts).  And finally Nurtion, to teach people how to eat in a way that is healthily for the body and keeps the metabolism going by ensure that you get the proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in your system.

I tired to do Body for Life one before, but didn't have the motivation to complete it before.  Now it is time to make changes.  The way I have decided to hold my self accountable is by doing this on here with everyone.  I want to hear all of your support as I make changes in my life.  The reason I am starting this is that why my health is great my doctor told me my cholesterol is high, I need to quit smoking, and I need to make diet changes.  So here goes, here are the bad pictures.  Mind you these are really only 10 pounds heavier than my average weight, but 10 pounds can make a lot of impact.

Week 1 - The Numbers:  Where am I starting 
Weight: 235.6
BMI: 32.7%
Hips: 44 inches
Waist: 47 inches
Chest: 46 inches
Right Arm: 14 inches
Left Arm: 14 inches
Neck: 17 inches
Pants: Express Blake 34/36 waist


1. Finish current book Hunted by April 30, 2012.
    A. Complete current edit by end of March.
    B. Complete second read through by April 15th
    C. Approve new book cover by April 20th
    D. Review Final Copy of new Book by April 25th.
2. Finish next book Pandora by June 30, 2012
    A. May 1st finish next edit
    B. May 15th finish next read through
    C. June 15th finish final Edit
3. Drop my BMI by 10 points, Weight down to 205, Loose a total of 12 inches, fit into Express Kingston cut size 32 and a Medium Polo all by  May 28, 2012
    A. 2.5 pounds a week
    B. 1 inch a week
4. Quit Smoking by May 1, 2012
    A. Switch from Menthol to Non-Menthol by April 1st
    B. Chew Gum/Suckers during work instead of smoking by April 15th
    C. Stop smoking in car by April 20th

Wish me luck and let me know all of your thoughts!

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