Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates Body for Life - Week Two Over

Around the House
Well some of my goals are still way behind. I am not getting any where enough editing done, but I am starting to feel fantastic. I am very excited for the start of Scandal on ABC next week. I am sure there will be a fun review popping up from me about it. Till then I still plan to get the next book on the shelves next month, so hold your breath.
My Thoughts
Its time to really start watching my eating.  If I am getting these types of results and still not eating the best then redirecting my eating should make a huge difference.  Today is my free today so let's see what this week brings.
Week 2 Ending- The Numbers:

                  Start               Week 1           Week 2              Change

Weight:       235.6             234.6                230.6                   -5.1
BMI:            32.7%          30.9%               30.9%                 -1.8
Hips:            44 inches     44 inches          44 inches              0
Waist:          47 inches     45 inches          44 inches              -3
46 inches     44 inches          45 inches              -1
Right Arm: 14 inches      14 inches         13.5 inches           -.50
Left Arm:   14 inches      14 inches         13.5 inches           -.50
Neck:           17 inches     16 3/4               16.5 inches           -.50

Pants: Express Blake 34 waist

I also put on an older polo today that was normally tight around the tummy area.  Well surprise surprise it actually fits damn well.  So damn well that I am going to head out in a few and where it on my date.

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