Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Updates on the Body for Life

Around the House
Not to much to say about what is going on around the house.  Enjoying my day off since.  It is enjoyable getting to sit around and joy the lovely weather in Chicago.  I will be heading to my favorite hot spot - Barnes and Noble.  I am looking forward to a coffee and a book to read.  Yea I am in the middle of another book right now with a couple well one sitting on the self to be read. 
My Thoughts
Okay week two is starting.  So lets review the numbers and see how the program is working for me.  I am curious but worried since I am not seeing much on the scale yet.  I know I shouldn't be weighing myself as often as I am, but I am.
Week 2 - The Numbers:
                   Week 1                  Week 2                Change

Weight:       235.6                      234.6                   -1
BMI:            32.7%                    30.9%                 -1.8%
Hips:            44 inches               44 inches              0
Waist:          47 inches               45 inches             -2
Chest:           46 inches              44 inches             -2
Right Arm:  14 inches               14 inches              0
Left Arm:    14 inches               14 inches              0
Neck:           17 inches               16 3/4                 -1/4

Pants:           Express Blake 34/36 waist

Okay for one week not to bad.  I know my eating habits are not what they should be yet.  But this is a good start.  Lets see what next week brings.  I know around week 3 is when guys start to see the major changes.  I am looking forward to it.  Now it have work on my other goals.


1. Finish current book Hunted by April 30, 2012.
A. Complete current edit by end of March.
B. Complete second read through by April 15th
C. Approve new book cover by April 20th
D. Review Final Copy of new Book by April 25th.
2. Finish next book Pandora by June 30, 2012
A. May 1st finish next edit
B. May 15th finish next read through
C. June 15th finish final Edit
3. Drop my BMI by 10 points, Weight down to 205, Loose a total of 12 inches, fit into Express Kingston cut size 32 and a Medium Polo all by May 28, 2012
A. 2.5 pounds a week
B. 1 inch a week
4. Quit Smoking by May 1, 2012
A. Switch from Menthol to Non-Menthol by April 1st
B. Chew Gum/Suckers during work instead of smoking by April 15th
C. Stop smoking in car by April 20th

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