Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book Review: The Black Jewels Trilogy

Around the House
Katrina Rue came by for coffee this afternoon, well actually she had Diet Coke and I had tea. We get together once or twice a week to discuss our projects, go shopping, or have dinner/lunch. To see her new shopping blog visit or to learn more about her visit Several months ago she recommended The Black Jewels Trilogy to me. Well as you can see by my webpage I fell in love with the series, but more of that below. As always, when she comes to visit we stop by Mrs. Vladimir to see how she is doing. We didn't actually get in the house today because Mrs. Vladimir was screaming at Mr. Vladimir about the Demon Gold again. So we figured it would be better to let them sort out their issues with out and audience.

D.J.  Cappella

My Thoughts

A Review of The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
The Black Jewels Trilogy combines magic, love, and the dark side of humanity in a way that tantalizes the tongue like the sweetest chocolate covered cherry gossip that you just can't put down. Anne Bishop handles a world as rich and complex as our own like she has walked the streets of Dharo, run through the fields of Scelt, or shopped in a Shalador Village with all the friends we meet as the tangled web of this story is cast around us. You will find yourself up late following the lives of the Blood forgoing sleep for this sensual treat. This fantastic tale of fantasy, romance, and dark desires of humanity is highly recommended read.

Rating is a 9 out of 10
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