Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Divorce When You make Pie

Around the House
Oh, week no good.  Husband no have pig flu.  So I tell him.  He make go emergency room again, second day in row, just get home about twenty minute ago.  I tell him doctor is no crazy, but husband stupid, is so stupid.  Now he lay on couch watch TV.  He complain about plastic on couch, but I tell him, I buy nice couch and we keep dat way.   I is tired, but Author Boy left message on phone to remind to do blog tonight, so I blog.  Sorry I miss yesterday.

Son send letter.  I no know how post man get letter in computer box, but letter show up.  Mind you, I no know why he just don't stick letter in box, cause now I have to figure out how to us printer so I have letter for scrap book.  I tell Husband about letter; now all Husband do is talk about how son retard, cause he no vitch.  Husband scream now he from the Isle of Godamre (as in Son is a "God Damn Re (retard)").  I miss son, I wish he home.  I send him goat cookies.  Oh remember - contest start Friday.

My Thoughts
Daughter watch Dr. Phil today while we sit in hospital. Is about man who cheat on wife. Dr. Phil say they no ready for divorce, I say is bullshit. If husband ever cheat on me I hit with fry pan, take all monies, and change lock. He can sleep in street. So I ask Daughter why she stay. She tell me she still love him, but no trust. I say since she give baby, no have to give goat back, so leave. I no understand American woman. In my country if husband do bad thing wife get mad, get even, and make him pay. Most woman even stay married to man so he pay over and over again. I say is good idea. I always say that if you no believe in divorce, like me, you make him poison berry pie. He no stick is parts in other women when dead. Then you is free to keep all money and get new husband. I should have TV show. I give better advice than Phil.

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