Monday, November 30, 2009

Codeine Coated Holiday

Around the House
I is back. Author Boy did good job while I dealt with husband mess. Internet come back on Saturday which is good, but Husband spent all day on computer finding Turkey Recipe. I tell him that turkey I make is good, but he say he want to use fryer daughter buy for Yule last year. I made second turkey.

My Thoughts
This year for holiday we have Jerry, my husband stupid brother, Husband, Daughter, and Son; is small for holiday. Unfortunately, daughter sick early in week so Doctor give her syrup with Codeine. Now is where problem start. Jerry come to my house and drink daughter Codeine Syrup. I wonder why he spend so much time in bathroom. He has problem with prescription drug. I forgot to hide in lock box since Daughter still take syrup. I tell him I send him to Dr. Phil, daughter like Dr. Phil. I know understand it all, but is interesting. So Jerry is so high, he walk into backyard and decide to play "Kick the Can" with turkey fryer. Well my pretty lawn is trashed, and he is in hospital. Serve him right for stealing daughter syrup and ruining my holiday. I make husband tell hospital what Jerry do. So now he have mandatory 30 day detox. It make smile.

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