Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Review: Dreams Made Flesh

Around the House
Well I got back into town from a work trip last night to find several messages from Mrs. Vladimir.  During the weekend Mr. Vladimir had Cousin Jerry come over to help with setting up the new home office.  The main part of the message I got was Mrs. Vladimir screaming at someone, "NO WEB IN BOX?  How I do Blog?  What you mean no web in box!"  So, they have lost their internet connection, and you will have me this week or until the Internet Company can get out to fix the situation.  We all know how long that can take, especially since during the last visit Mr. Vladimir yelled at him for being late.  I hope you all enjoy the book reviews I'll be blogging about.

D.J. Cappella

My Thoughts
Dream's Made Flesh is the follow-up novel to the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop.  It is a fantastic completion of short stories that fill in the gaps of your favorite characters.  This novel can be read in tandem with the trilogy or to follow-up after the joys run through the dark passion of the blood.  The great part of this novel is that the short story Kaleer's Heart closes up the trilogy by telling the aftermath story of Janelle, Damon, and the SaDiablo Family.  As a stand alone novel I feel it lacks the thrill and pull of the trilogy, but as a companion to the trilogy this completion enhances the fantastic twists of the Realms of Blood.

Rating is a 8 out of 10
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