Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Devil in Facebook.

Around the House

Daughter bring home cat today. I tell her no pet in house. We keep pet in backyard like we do with husband pet. No in my house. I keep clean house and no need pet making mess. Then she tell me that is neighbor boy cat. I like neighbor boy, he need mothering. He go on vacation to island with sister to visit mother. His mother whore. So daughter babysit pet. I guess is okay since cat go back soon. Also, reminder that contest has started. I have many email about contest. Is all exciting to see people love blog.
My Thoughts
Daughter and Author Boy make me go on Facebook. I no understand why we need Facebook. If I want to know bout neighbor, I call neighbor. Is like being Peeping Tom when neighbor no know that you know what they do. Is no right! So I decide I no need Facebook. I just tell Author Boy to post update for me. Well daughter tell me about what she call Facebook drama. I ask her what is this drama? She tell me neighbor boy sister has new boyfriend. He is no good. So all people tell her no date him. I say Facebook is devil. Only person who should be telling daughter or neighbor boy sister who to date is mother. After all mother evaluate who is good for daughter and how many goat she can get for her. Not that neighbor boy sister is worth many goat.

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