Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Release: Hunted: The Chronicles of Illumination vol.1

Around the House
Not to much to say.  Got a cute new care.  A Chevy Cruze in a gorgous blue color.  The last car was red, and I was just not a fan of the color.  I am getting ready for the Blog Contest which of course is going to go along with the release of my new book next month (See blow).  I am really excited, and I hope to hear great reviews from all of you on what you think about the new book.  For those of you that have read my blog I will now that I was a huge fan of the book Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.  Well I have finally cracked open the sequel, and I am an enjoying it so far.  Look for the review coming soon.

My Thoughts
The release date for this book is May 15th, so watch for all the updates coming to my blog!

Cover Copy
There is nothing like a Vladimir to alter the plans of Fate and Destiny.  They have a habit of ruining the best laid plains.  Like her father Raisa is no different, but this time the collateral damage isn't what she was expecting.  All Raisa ever wanted to was to have Damian share her magical life.  What fun is it being a witch if you can't get into trouble with your best friend because he is a mortal?  Not only is Damian getting dragged into the magical world, but his man eating sister Angela is coming along for the ride.  Of course what happens isn't what anyone expects when it turns out that Angela has been Chosen.  Not Chosen as prom queen, model, or even mistress, no she has been chosen by Fate to lead a group of witches to fulfill the Prophecy of Illumination.  Now, despite all of Raisa's hard work Damian is left outside of the group and a slayer is out for blood.  Not everyone will survive the path to Illumination, will Damian?

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