Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Body for Life Week 6: Half Way Point

Around the House
Oh what to say this week.  I am never to sure what to say about what is going on in my life.  I actually pulled a muscle in my butt yesterday when I was showing my staff what a handspring was.  I didn't mean to flip over, but with the changes in my body I almost flipped over.  It is also great that I can't wait for my final read through to be done while I look for any mistakes.  I am actually looking forward to having Hunted finally on the shelves.  It has been too long a process.  This process has actually inspired a ton of short stories, a novella I am writing, two completed books, and the start of two others.  I need to begin to move forward.  For those of you who don't know the book after that is scheduled for the end of the year which is the Preludes of Illumination vol.2: Pandora's Gateway and then off to finish book 3 The Merchant of Death.  After both those projects are done I will be focusing on the follow up to Hunted.  God, I sound really busy.  If I kept a more strict schedule I would have all of this done by the end of the year... LOL.

My Thoughts
Okay, so it is obvious my eating habits are not where they should be.  I am not dropping weight fast enough.  I so want my gut to be gone.  I have to head to the grocery store tonight to get more bananas and hummus, and veggies for roasting.  I am so working on my eating.  Now if I can just kick the pop and the smoking everything would be better.  I think I should go more low carb, but fried pita with hummus grilled cheeses are so yummy.  Especially when you did them like pizza bites.  I know I am also only half way through the program, but my arms and chest are not where I want them either.  I want a nice hard body with great arms and pecs.  Come on summer is almost here and it would be nice to go around shirtless his summer.  Well, off to the numbers:

Week 6 Ending- The Numbers: Not My Best Week
 Start Week 6 Change
 Weight 235.6 229.8 -5.8
 BMI 32.7% 31% -1.7%
 Hips 44 in 44 in 0.0 in
 Waist 42.5 in 42 in -0.5 in
 Midsection     47 in 43.5 in -3.5 in
 Chest 46 in 45 in -1.0 in
 Arm (R) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
 Arm (L) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
 Neck 17in 16.5 in -0.5 in
 Pants 36 34 - 2

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