Monday, April 2, 2012

Body for Life Week 3 Completed

Around the House
Not to much has gone on around the house.  I am still being lazy with my writing, but this week is the week I am going to finish that goal.  Otherwise not to much to report.  I did have a date and that went well.  I am not sure that they are the person I want to continue seeing.  I am still reading book 5 of the Songs of Ice and Fire, Dance with the Dragons.  It has some interesting twists and turns.  I only hope he gets book 6 out faster that book 5.

My Thoughts
So I am now a quarter of the way through the Body for Life Challenge.  I have to say I am starting to see a difference in clothes, but not enough in the numbers yet which is to be expected.  I want more.  Who doesn't want to see immediate results when they try something new.  Katrina is a bit down that she is not seeing alot of changes, of course today will only be her second set of measurements.  My eating is still not what it should be which is why I know I am not dropping fat like I should be.  I did middle of this week start using one Myoplex Bar as my mid morning meal.  I am getting better.  I am increasing my weights and cardio, so next week I am hoping for some bigger changes since I will be a a third of the way through the challenge.  It is obvious to me that this is working.  I just wish it was working faster, and that the scale was giving me better numbers.  On and you will see below, I added my pants waist to the measurements as opposed to just my mid section.  It is nice to see that it is all squaring up.

Week 3 Ending- The Numbers:

                    Start             Week 1         Week 2             Week 3            Change

Weight:       235.6             234.6             230.6                  230                   -5.6
BMI:            32.7%           30.9%           30.9%                31.3                  -1.4
Hips:            44 inches      44 inches      44 inches             43.5                 -.5

Waist:                                                                                  42.5
Midsection: 47 inches      45 inches      44 inches             43.5                 -3.3
46 inches      44 inches      45 inches             44 inches         -2
Right Arm: 14 inches      14 inches      13.5 inches          13.5 inches      -.50
Left Arm:   14 inches      14 inches       13.5 inches         13.5 inches      -.50
Neck:           17 inches      16 3/4            16.5 inches         16.5 inchea     -.50

Pants: Express Blake 34

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