Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 5 is Over!

Around the House
The edits are finally done!  I just have to do a quick read through first and then it is off to for the publisher, Gilbert Press, to put the final touches on them.  I can't wait to see the book cover!  Of course this has been a rather rough week for me.  When it rains it pours in my world.  What can I say.  It looks my car is going to be totalled out!  Before you start flipping through old posts to try and figure out what happened.  I haven't said anything about this yet.  I was coming home one night and a dog (cop says coyote) ran in front of my car, so I swerved to miss it and hit a parked car.  Thankfully, I am okay, but I did get burns from the air bag.  I am sad to loose my car since it is only a two years old.  Well, hopefully the world will now have an upswing.  Thanks for all the love everyone!

My Thoughts
So week 5 is finally over which means I am starting to enter the critical period.  By looking at the numbers my BMI is going down and my body is converting its self to muscle, but since my weight and BMI are not dropping as dramatically as they should be it is time to overhaul the diet more.  I am not eating like I should be.  Body for Life would not be proud.  Yes I did do some damage over Easter, but that was last weekend so at least I should have made some more improvements.  My measurements are either staying the same or going up in certain areas which is good, but the damn midsection, waist, and hips are not shrinking like I want them too.  Which means it all about the diet now.  Back to the kitchen to whip up better foods.  So next week is picture time again... get ready to see the changes in side by sides.

Week 5 Ending- The Numbers: Easter Screwed Me Up!\

                           Start               Week 5            Change

Weight:             235.6                 231.7                -3.8
BMI:                  32.7%               30.2%              -2.5
Hips:                  44 inches          44 inches            0

Waist:                 42.5 inches      42 inches          -0.5
Midsection:        47 inches         44 inches           -3
46 inches         45 inches           -2
Right Arm:         14 inches        14 inches          -.50
Left Arm:           14 inches         14 inches          -.50
Neck:                  17 inches         16.5 inches        -.50

Pants: Express Blake 34

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