Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crazy Bitch, I think I am in Love!

Around the House
I am working my butt off right now, both with the workouts and the writing.  Not to mention that I  still have a full time job.  I actually took a personal day because of the emotional toll Easter took on me.  While poking around online I decided to check on my favorite Youtube.com artist Alina.  She always makes me smile; I hope she makes you smile too.  Now if I can stop watching her I may actually get some work done.

My Thoughts
This artist has a serious of videos on Youtube.com.  God I hope she is an artist.  If not I want to  be the person to write her life story.  A biography on Alina would be the funniest bestseller every.  She reminds me a lot of Tyler Perry's Madea which happens to be another of my favorite characters.  I do love the concept of the strong, independent woman that doesn't take shit from the world.  While Alina is damaged you are gonna love it.

Despite having no culinary talent, Alina does not let that stop her from auditioning for the Next Food Network Star.
Rating 5/5

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