Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Body for Life Week 7

Around the House
I am in allergy Hell right now.  My head feels like it is going to explode.  Last week was a rough week too.  Katrina Rue was sick as a dog so she didn't make any of the work outs, and I missed all of my cardio but did get in all my lifting.

My Thoughts
Okay not to much to talk about this week.  I am living off of allegry meds right now which I hate.  I am floating mentally, and I have not had a chance to function as well as I would want.  I am looking forward to this weather stablizing and coming back to normal.
Week 7 Ending- The Numbers: Moving to a new beginning
Start Week 6 Change
Weight 235.6 229.2 -5.7
BMI 32.7% 31% -1.7%
Hips 44 in 44 in 0.0 in
Waist 42.5 in 41 in -1.5 in
Midsection 47 in 42.5 in -4.5 in
Chest 46 in 43.5 in -2.5 in
Arm (R) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
Arm (L) 14 in 13.5 in -0.5 in
Neck 17in 16 in -1.0 in
Pants 36 34 - 2

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