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Book Review: The Shadow of the Serpent

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The Shadow of the Serpent is the last book of the Kane Chronicles by Rich Riordan.  I have been looking forward to this growing fun tale of Sadie and Carter Kane as they learn to be Egyptian Magicians in the modern world.  They have reached the final battle in there quest to restore the Gods, House of Life, and Ma'at to the modern world by sending the Serpent of Chaos on a permanent vacation.  Who would have thought we got  a few more back handed Percy Jackson references at the end?  I can't wait to know head back to long Island to see what my favorite Greeks are up to.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed.  While the series as a whole was great with the entertaining spin on Egyptian Mythology in the modern world I feel that it lost something at the end.  Everything worked out a bit to perfectly.  I came into this novel expecting them to win, I expected Carter to take over, and I expected a few deaths, but when no one died it almost seemed like it was too easy of a battle.  It was missing the true sense of danger that his books usually have for the reader.  It felt safe which is not what I have come to expect from Rick Riordan.  Now is that because this really isn't the end of the series?  I am not sure, but I have the distinct feeling we are going to eventually see a Kane, Jackson, and Norse combination series showing on Hell of a God War.  I just hope he keeps the danger real, so the reader is expecting everything to get tied up nice and neatly.

Rating: 3/5

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