Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movie Review: Dark Shadows

Around the House
I hate holiday weekends.  My workout are so screwed up, I am exhausted from family, and I am not eating the best.  You can tell that by the fact I am sitting here ate work with a protein bar and a Venti Carmel Machiatto.  Yum!  Work is dead today, so I figured I wouldn't get a better opportunity to update my movie reviews.  What did I do after an all day family event in the sun (which was after work)?  Did I finish my edits?  Nope I went to a movie.  At least that was a good time.

My Thoughts
Dark Shadows is a remake of an old soap opera from back in the day.  Unlike most things, I haven't done any research on the original since I wanted a fresh perspective when I saw the movie.  While the reviews where not great, the previews looked campy, and the box office number dismal I knew I had to see it for myself.  Knowing that this was a Soap Opera vampire movie, I expected the situations to be extremely campy and fun.  I have to say I was not disappointed.  It help enough of the twisting turns of a Soap Opera that it met my expectations, while building a fresh story.  The movie was fun and full of life. 

I enjoyed the twisted dark seventies themed environment.  The fresh look at a vampire risen in the mortal world was well done.  The back story of the characters teased you enough to want to know more without long drawn out exposition.  It felt very much like flipping on a Soap Opera you have watched for years and catching up with old, odd, friends.  The only complaints is that majority of the characters motivations where a bit fuzzy.  I have a feeling from the flow of the movie that these developments ended up on the cutting room floor.  I would like to have learned more of the Matriarch of the Collins Family and the last minute twist of her daughter should have developed more throughout the movie.  The Supernatural battles where a bit much at the end, when I was hoping for more campy love and drama.

Rating: 4/5

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