Thursday, May 17, 2012

Body for Life Week 9 and the IML Assistant

Around the House
Oh what to say about around the house?  There is a lot to say right now, and I do not know where to begin.  I made a world class mistake by hiring my own assistant a couple weeks ago.  Because of the amount of time I have spent training him things have gone a bit wrong with my book launch.  My lovely assistant was more concerned with getting the funds to attend IML; that he neglected doing anything he was trained to do, so now my book has been pushed back several weeks because he lost all my edits.  The weird part was I didn't even know what this IML was until he quit last night.  I found out by googling what it was and found out it is an interesting gay event hosted in the city of Chicago every Memorial Day weekend.  Do you want to know how I found out?  Yes you do!  It was that crazy woman Alina that I have watched on occasion on  If you want to know what IML really is you should listen to her.  Anyway, I should have just continued sharing an my assistant with Katrina Rue.  Thankfully, I kept Ida on payroll, so she is helping me get all the edits finished for my book.

My Thoughts
Grrr why can't this even go right?

Week 9 Ending- The Numbers: Moving to a new beginning
Start Week 9 Change
Weight 235.6 229.0 -5.9
BMI 32.7% 31% -1.7%
Hips 44 in 43.5 in -0.5 in
Waist 42.5 in 41 in -1.5 in
Midsection 47 in 42.5 in -4.5 in
Chest 46 in 44 in -2.0 in
Arm (R) 14 in 14 in -0.0 in
Arm (L) 14 in 14 in -0.0 in
Neck 17in 16.5 in -0.5 in
Pants 36 34 - 2

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